Welcome to a gallery of artwork made by the youth and future of Canada.

Please support our healthcare system in these dire times. Our most vulnerable children also deserve the best healthcare. Donations are crucial ensuring that children have a hospital to depend on. By bidding a price on the art through the form below by August 23, you support children’s health! To find the art No. click on the image. Picking up art in the location of the artists is free whilst shipping may cost extra fees. All donations and proceeds go to the Stollery Children's Hospital. If your bid is the highest for the piece of art, you will be contacted later through email with the payment options by August 25. There is also a link for just donations, although buying the art is very much appreciated. Thank you for your support! For any further questions email us at covid.9.teen@hotmail.com.

made by Edmontonian artists

made by Calgarian artists

made by Calgarian artists

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