Organization advisors / youth mentors

We are honoured to have top tier professionals to act us our organization advisors as we move onto our next chapter. Mr. Max Wang and Mr. Gary Zhang has dedicated their time for us to strive!

Max Wang

Max Wang, a registered professional engineer in Alberta, obtained his Ph.D. degree in civil engineering from the university of Calgary. He was the past Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Atrum Coal Ltd, an Australian public company, and Grande Cache Coal, an Alberta steel-making coal operation.

He was also the past board chair and vice chair of the Coal Association of Canada. Prior to his executive roles in the metallurgical coal industry, he was the Director of Engineering, Major Projects, at Suncor Energy and Engineering Manager of Oilsands at Petro-Canada Inc.

He is also a concrete structure and materials expert, and served as a technical committee member for 3 Canadian National Standards over 20 years. 

Max is keen in young relent development, and has given a number of seminars and workshops on workplace culture and career development to young Canadians and new comers.

Gary Zhang

Gary Zhang received his B.Sc. in 1983 from Wuhan University and M.Sc. in 1989 from the Department of Geomatics Engineering at University of Calgary. He founded MRF Geosystems Corporation in 1992 and is the President of MRF. He has extensive consulting, software development, and implementation experience in Geographical Information Systems (“GIS”). He has over 15 publications. 


Under Gary’s leadership, MRF has developed industry-leading GIS products and solutions such as MRF Clean for map clean-up; MRF Buffer, MRF Overlay, and MRF Network for spatial analysis; MRF SVG/Silverlight/HTML5 Map Server for vector-based map serving; MRF GISNet for web-based GIS editing; and MRF Field GIS for the desktop. MRF has provided GIS products and project services for over 6,000 customers in more than 40 countries including US, Canada, UK, India, and China. 


Gary Zhang is also the President of Silver Valley Development Inc. which is a land development company. Silver Valley Development Inc. has light industrial, residential, and commercial land holdings in the City of Red Deer, Alberta. 


Please visit and for more information.



A recap of our wonderful youth instructors who has dedicated their time to share their talents from April-June! Thank you all!

Monday - Hip Hop

Jennifer and Jasmine will teach a beginner hip hop every Monday at 7pm (MDT) via zoom. 

The class will begin with a warm up then move into learning.




May 25th: Song: What A Man Gotta Do by the Jonas Brothers

Choreographer: Lia Kim

June 1st: Song: Cross Me by Ed Sheeran ft Chance the Rapper

Choreographer: Ara Cho

June 8th: Song: High hopes by Panic! At The Disco

Choreographer: Lia Kim

June 15th: Song: Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Choreographer: Minny Park

Come join their class every Monday at 7pm (MDT)!

IMG_7062 2.JPG

Tuesday-Art Class

Come join Emily Yang and Alyssa Chen, experienced artists, in lessons on the basics of drawing humans. Enjoy funny, comedic company whilst learning important art skills to draw REAL people. Come join us at 5pm(MDT) every Tuesday!

Week 1: Elements of the Face

Week 2: Practice drawing faces

Week 3: Elements of the body

Week 4: Collabrative Drawing

Tuesday - Martial Arts

Every Tuesday at 7pm (MDT), Jared and Ben from Mo Fan Taichi Wushu academy hosts an hour of wushu lesson via zoom. 

Wushu involves a variety of different styles and weapons, each of which has its own unique and distinct movements. It is a good way to try for fun, exercise, culture, and to gain a brand new experience.


Wednesday - Martial Arts

They host weekly lessons every Wednesday at 5pm (MDT) via zoom & their Instagram.


The Calgary Taichi and Martial Arts College was founded in 1995 by Grandmaster Cai. For 25 years, we’ve built ourselves a strong standing in the international wushu community by winning IWUF championships around the world. Led by Grandmaster Cai, the team has taken Canada’s national wushu team by storm - holding the highest number of A and B team members.


Now these students are here as instructors and performers. Don’t miss the opportunity to train alongside the highest quality athletes that Canada has to offer. Join us for online training on Zoom or Instagram every Wednesday at 5pm (MDT)!

Wednesday - Music Workshop

On Wednesdays at 7pm (MDT), Jessica will be hosting music workshops. 

Each week she will be focusing on a different instrument, while inviting guest performers to play and share their experiences. 

This will be a four week program.

Week 1: Calling pianists of all ages and abilities !! She has invited some pianists, from very young and inexperienced to top level players, who she will interview about their own stories. 

Week 2: The second week is dedicated to violin. She will again, talk about some of her own experiences and bring in a variety of violinists, from young players to teachers-in-training. 

Week 3: She will be interviewing players of various traditional Chinese instruments including the Guzheng and the Erhu. 

Week 4: The last week will be a ‘Family and Friends’ concert.


Thursday - Fitness Class

On Thursdays at 5pm, Emily will lead a 50 minute fitness session. She has been immersed in sports since she was 6, and is committed to competitive skating and diving. Emily’s goal is help you be healthy even while going through these hard times! 

Being active and healthy!

Thursday - Dance

Dance is an expression of emotion through movement. After more than ten years of studying this art form at Tundra Swan Art School, high school students Garvin Li and Sunny Sun are ready to showcase all they have learned to the next generation of dancers. 

The classes are a combination of crucial warm-up and stretching exercises followed by a variety of dance sequences and dances. 

There will be something new to learn and explore every week as the lessons are constantly evaluated and improved. 


Come out and join us at 7pm (MDT) for some exercise and a lot of fun!

Friday - Speech

Speech is the most powerful and versatile instrument. It is a basic essential skill necessary for. people of all ages. This course will teach you how to be skillful and confident in the way you talk. It is an essential life skill that everyone must learn! 

This course is taught by Alice Yang, a provincial level competitive speaker and debater.

Course Curriculum:

1. Speed, Tone and Pauses!

2. Body Language!

3. How to write a good speech

4. Tips on becoming a great speaker

Friday - Music Workshop

On Fridays at 7pm (MDT), we have several youth volunteers sharing their song-writing experiences & tips, as well as play-alongs and performances.

Our teachers are:

Melody Zhou, Sandy Zhao & Rona Kong

Lesson outline:

1st week - explaining how i wrote my own song called “the devil’s hour” and teaching you how to play it on the ukulele

2nd week - teaching you how to play and sing “all i want” by kodaline on the ukulele

3rd week - teaching you how to play and sing “somebody that i used to know” by gotye on the ukulele

4th week - explaining how i wrote my song “the future” and teaching you how to play it on ukulele