Our Team



Jing is 18 years old and currently a first year student at the University of Calgary. She started this project in early April with the help by her mother, May. She hopes to spread positivity with the help from teens across Canada during this difficult time.



Edmonton Founder

Alice is 15 years old and currently a grade 10 student at Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton. She joined this project in hopes of making a change in the community in these difficult times. Thank you to the volunteers and those who have joined us in this initiative to improve the world around us!


Allison Wang

Ottawa Founder

Allison is a grade 12 student in Ottawa, Ontario. She is an aspiring entrepreneur and lawyer with a special passion for dance and music. She loves helping out in her community by spreading wellness and promoting social justice.


Emily Chen

IT coordinator

Emily is a grade 8 student in Calgary, Alberta, who enjoys using her creative energy to help others. A few of Emily's hobbies include running, swimming, drawing, coding/programming, sewing, and baking. During her free time, you will likely find Emily in her kitchen cooking, baking, and ...well, eating!

Emily has done some tremendous work using her technical skills for COVID-9Teen, from posters to video editing, she can do it all!

Rona Kong

Performance Coordinator

Rona Kong is a gifted 16-year-old girl. She demonstrated a strong ability for music at a very young age. Rona enjoys experiencing music in a variety of forms, including piano, guitar, ukulele, songwriting, and more! As one of the original nine teenagers invoked in the Covid9Teen project, Rona plays an important role of coordinating performance for the weekly classes and talent show, as well as the Canada Day Special.