CyberSafe Workshop!

On March 12, 2021 5:00-6:30PM MST, we had our CyberSafe Workshop with 40 people joining! This was hosted in collaboration with nowYouth, Covid9teen, Calgary Ecssen Career School, and Western Canada Hunan Association Youth Team in cooperation with the Calgary Police Services. It was very informative and taught about the dangers of the media and how to keep your information safe in a technologically connected world. Attached below are some pictures as well as the notes taken for a summary if you were unable to make it!

Analyzed the effect of social media on youth, we don’t see reality and we see these people who are much more privileged etc.

  • The effect of the like button, it has become a way of affirming themselves - the more likes their images gets the happier they are (like drugs)

  • Peer following

  • It didn’t matter what the photo was, the amount of likes drive youth to like more

  • Investment vs. Addiction

  • Harmful and good at the same time

  • People start associating these likes and followers with status and popularity

  • Media challenges are harmful

  • People disguising with a mask to get alcohol

  • Encouraging people to do dumb stuff

  • The fact that some posts on media can be perceived wrongly, stuck online, is seen by everybody else

  • Damage down the road in career, scholarships

  • Be careful what you post and that’s the only thing you can control

  • Not a lot of people reads the terms and conditions

  • They track what kind of device you have, phone, computer, brand (software and hardware

  • For optimization

  • Usually check battery optimization, lighting, signal

  • How you’re interacting with the app

  • Check if you are a robot or not

  • Check if you’re using headphone

  • Check IP address - tells people where you are, what internet network use

  • See GPS and tells people where you are and see others

  • Cyberbullying online is becoming bigger and bigger

  • How do we stay current on the cyber threat landscape?

  • How Can We Detect Cyberattacks and Respond to Them?

  • How do we determine exactly what we should post, should we just keep our accounts private so only so only our friends see something

  • How do we respond to cyber violence, mean comments on posts etc.

Fraud Protection:

  • don’t open from addresses you don’t recognize

  • were you cc-ed on an email, so others can see it as well?

  • do not download just any attachments online

  • are these government issued?

What to not leak online

  • full name

  • date of birth

  • address

  • phone number

How to protect your information:

  • complex password(do not share it)

  • biometric access

  • 2-step authentication

  • change privacy setting


  • uses encryption to protect information

Safety for mobile devices

  • don’t auto join wifi

  • don’t send personal info with bluetooth

  • disable bluetooth pairing

  • update apps for security features

  • watch out for suspicious ads


  • you may be the cause of you own privacy leak

  • read terms and conditions

  • don’t overshare

  • enhance security

Further questions:

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