Lawyer workshop series

In 2020, we had 3 very good lawyer workshops. One of which is already posted is George Huang's workshop. It was great for people who want to be lawyers in the future. Our other two lawyers were Ansel Wong and Larry Wu. Studying in Europe, Ansel Wong, was a student-at-law (becoming a registered lawyer at the end of the year), who shared his journey to school, bar exam, job search experience, and answered audience’s questions. Our next speaker was Larry Wu who gave a career growth path introduction Larry Wu is a lawyer of HoMacNeil Barristers and Solicitors. He is a top Honor Roll student from junior high and a full IB graduate in high school. He graduated from 2 lawyer schools including Queens University and University of Calgary. He currently focus on solicitor work more than barrister work, doing more in immigration law, real estate law, and wills and estates.

Both these lawyer speakers greatly helped guide the attendees of our events and it was very interesting and eye opening.

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