Music Workshop - Wednesday

Updated: May 23, 2020

On Wednesdays at 7pm (MDT), Jessica will be hosting music workshops.

Each week she will be focusing on a different instrument, while inviting guest performers to play and share their experiences.

Here is Jessica's invitation for you to join her class!

"Hi!! My name is Jessica. I am 13 years old and living in Calgary. My hobbies include dancing, playing the piano and the violin, martial arts, and writing. My program ‘Share Your Story’ is for young musicians to listen to the experiences and struggles of dedicated instrumentalists of a variety of ages. This will be a four week program.

Week 1: Calling pianists of all ages and abilities !! I’ll do a small lecture on my own struggles, my strategies, and advice I have for my listeners. I have invited some pianists I know, from very young and inexperienced to top level players, who I will interview about their own stories.

Week 2: The second week is dedicated to violin. I will again, talk about some of my own experiences and bring in a variety of violinists, from young players to teachers-in-training. The topics that will be discussed are again, why they love music, obstacles they have faced in practicing, and how they overcame them.

Week 3: I will be interviewing players of various traditional Chinese instruments including the Guzheng and the Erhu. The main topics of discussion will be centred around similarities and differences between history, techniques, and purpose of Eastern and Western instruments.

Week 4: The last week will be a sort of ‘Family and Friends’ concert. I will bring in guests who will play, and if any listeners of this program are interested, they may contact me to also perform a favourite piece.

My email is if you have any questions!!"

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